Domestic Violence: When Do You Know It’s Time To Go?

It’s never easy to walk out the door and leave a relationship, even when your partner is being abusive. Abusers thrive on having control and power in a relationship, and leaving them is the ultimate loss of power. This is why abusers often will make it incredibly difficult for their partners to leave them.

But it’s important to know that leaving your abuser is something that you can do. It might just be the most freeing thing or empowering thing for you to do. The first thing you need to do if you are thinking about leaving is to make a plan for safety.

This is going to look different for everyone, but you may need to employ the help of a professional. You may need to talk to a counselor, a therapist, or a trained domestic violence advocate. These people can help you to find helpful resources such as shelters when they are needed, counseling, legal advice, and support groups.

The thing is that only you will know when it’s time to leave. If you feel like you’re not strong enough to do it, it’s important that you realize that you can do this. People do it all of the time. You can start over and get out of your situation, and this is certainly something that many women find to be true at some point in their lives.

It’s important to think about the things you’ll need to bring with you. Make sure you have your ID, some cash, and phone numbers of friends and family. It also might be a good idea to bring any evidence you’ve collected of the abuse. This may include photos, journal entries, medical records, or legal records.

The most important thing you realize, though, is that you are strong enough to make this change in your life. You deserve to have a better life, free of abuse.